A Pea Experiment

By Karen Dunn

It is the time of year on Quadra to be planting peas.  Many people start peas indoors to try to avoid damage from the pea weevil which hides out in many of our gardens.  Local “Queen of Starts” Karen Dunn has agreed to share a little pea experiment she began after the last Garden Club meeting.

I am experimenting with my indoor pea starts this year.

I’ve always for some reason thought vermiculite was the best way to go. I believe that some people have great results using vermiculite.  But for me, sometimes it works and more often than not it doesn’t.

After talking to Arzeena Hamir (she suggested I try using the peat sunshine mix) I decided to do this experiment: The container on the left has straight vermiculite with just a sprinkle of the peat mix. The container on the right has the peat sunshine mix with a little extra perlite added. Both containers were planted at the same time with seeds from the same packet.

Clearly the sunshine mix is ahead of the game.

What do you think?  How are your peas doing this year on Quadra?

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