Chop and Drop Salad Bar

by Karen Dunn

A Karen’s Corner Blogette

About six years ago I bought a variety of Orach called Good King Henry from Seeds of Victoria.  West Coast Seeds also sells it as Magenta Orach.

I planted it for eating as well as its ornamental quality.

It gets quite tall when it goes to seed.  Being the lazy gardener that I am I cut it back and laid it in the pathway.

To my delight this spring I had an amazing self-sown salad bar pop up.  We’ve been enjoying it for over a month.  Some of the leaves seem to be reverting to green but they are none the less delicious.  I could not have planned this any better!

Chop and Drop Salad Bar

  1. Lucretia Schanfarber

    Great stuff! The ones you gave to me are doing so well. Thank you, Karen.

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