Submission Deadline: Pandemic Perusal Virtual Garden Tour

July 1, 2021 all-day
Submission Deadline: Pandemic Perusal Virtual Garden Tour

Let’s face it:  We are way overdue for a garden tour.  The peak of the season is upon us, our gardens are looking more and more beautiful, and all of us want to see what each other are up to, don’t we?  Sooo, let’s share the wealth!  

Announcing the 2021 QIGC 

‘Pandemic Perusal’ Virtual Garden Tour!


Open to all gardeners on Quadra Island

Sponsored by the Quadra Island Garden Club  


Step 1:  When you are inspired, take a few shots of your garden over the next month or so … swoon-worthy scenics, captivating combinations, delicate details, favourite flowers, vivacious veggies … anything that shows the spirit of your garden and your unique talents as a gardener.

Step 2:  Jot down one sentence (or two or three) about your garden, what you love about it, the obstacles you’ve overcome, your philosophy as a gardener.  Keep it simple, keep it real.  Save it somewhere safe.

Step 3:  Gather up to 12 of your current favourite photos of your garden.  Or even just a few.  Choose your best shots, let’s make this a visual feast.

Step 4:  Send your photos (as attachments) and your text (in the email) to:  Note: this email has been updated since this event was first advertised.


Deadline for submissions:  July 1, 2021

Don’t be shy  –  we all have something to share!

The ‘Pandemic Perusal’ Virtual Garden Tour will be presented as a special slide show event later this summer, exact date to be announced.

Photo hint: Gardens often photograph best on an overcast day, without the harsh contrast of direct sunlight  … try this, or softer light in the morning or evening.

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