PhD in Zoology * Hummingbird Expert * Artist * Educator

Art in the Garden!
Beautifully Inspiring Stories & Images
Local biologist and sculptor, Lee Gass delivers an inspiring blend of beautiful images and entertaining stories that illustrate the aesthetic value of incorporating art into our gardens

Lee is a full-time sculptor and photographer who lives and works on Quadra Island.  Prior to making his home on Quadra, Lee was an award-winning educator and science professor at UBC.

“Creating and maintaining beautiful gardens is a deeply meditative, artful and creative process.  Gardens are even more beautiful with the presence of art. Including art in the garden creates a complementary focal point and reveals multiple levels of experiential beauty while enhancing the relationships between forms, shapes, textures and colours.”

Lee shows a wide variety of ways to include all kinds of art in the garden including examples from around the world, from local artists and gardeners and from his own garden.

Learn more about Lee here: http://www.quadraislandarts.com/island-artists/lee-gass/ and follow Lee on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/lee.gass.9