Meet a Few of Our Favourite Garden Club Speakers

Over the years, our Garden Club has developed some wonderful relationships with a wide range of knowledgeable and inspiring speakers. Our goal is to feature a variety of speakers with expertise in all aspects of gardening, including:
• Organic gardening
• Soil Health
• Flower-Growing
• Food Security
• Permaculture
• Water Conservation
• Food Forests
• Land Stewardship
• Vegetable Gardens
• Fruit Orchards
• Berry-Growing
• Herb Gardens
• Wild & Indigenous Foods
• Seed-saving
• Pollinator protection & attraction

Listed below (in alphabetical order) are just a few of the remarkable speakers we have hosted here on beautiful Quadra Island. We highly recommend you click on their names and follow the links we have provided to read all about them, their businesses, the books they have written, and the many ways they are spreading the “Gospel of Gardening” wherever they go.

Click on the names or photos below for more information about these speakers:

Jason Croutch

Owner/Operator Fraser Valley Rose Farm * Horticulturist * Rosarian * Advocate

Bob Duncan
Co-Owner/Co-Operator with wife Verna of Fruit Trees and More: Nursery & Demonstration Orchard
Botanist * Entomologist * Educator

Dr. Lee Gass
PhD in Zoology * Hummingbird Expert * Artist * Educator

Dr. Linda Gilkeson aka “The Garden Doctor”
PhD in Entomology * Organic Garden & Pest Management Expert * Author * Teacher *

Arzeena Hamir
Co-Owner/Co-Founder of Amara Farms
Regional Director in Comox Valley * Food security & land use activist * Educator * Mentor * Garden Goddess

Dan Jason
Owner/Founder of Salt Spring Seeds
Author * Gardener * Activist * Educator * Garden Guru

Connie Kuramoto
Owner/Operator Gardens on the Go
Horticulturist * Educator * Environmentalist

Dr. Nancy Turner
Canada’s Foremost Ethnobotanist & Best-selling Author