Welcome to the Quadra Island Garden Club website!

There is so much our ever-growing garden club members want to share with each other and with visitors to our website. Most of all, we want to share our love of gardens and gardening.

We want to tell our gardening stories, even the embarrassing ones. We want to show pictures of our beloved gardens. We want to encourage and inspire everyone to garden organically.

We have 175 garden club members! Our members range in age from seven to 87.

We grow food. We grow flowers. We grow herbs, berries, fruit trees. You name it and someone in our club is probably growing it.

We swap plants. We share seeds. We host plant sales, garden parties and potlucks.

We are constantly learning from each other and from our featured guest speakers and workshop presenters. Learn about some of our featured speakers here.

We have the most wonderful monthly meetings with speakers sharing their knowledge and expertise on all kinds of garden-related topics! Check out our upcoming talks and events here.  Note: All meetings on hold until further notice due to COVID-19.

We’re big on organic gardening, saving pollinators, composting and food security. And we have fun. Lots of fun. We’re a super-friendly bunch of gardeners who love to share our love of gardens and gardening.


Everyone is welcome!

We generally meet on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. (except on stat holidays) from September to May. We have special events throughout the summer, too. There is a lot to interest any level of gardener from novice to expert so join your friends and neighbours; share your questions and knowledge.  Note: All meetings on hold until further notice due to COVID-19.

The cost to join our club is only $10.00 per individual or $15.00 per family and $3.00 for drop-in visitors.

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Karen Dunn, Treasurer

Growing up in a Saskatchewan farming community I was exposed to gardening at a very early age. I can’t remember a time in my life where I wasn’t tending one type of garden or other.  My life purpose is to inspire others to garden. I started with my babies who have carried on the family tradition of growing food.  Being a garden club member is an opportunity to inspire new gardeners and learn and share with other seasoned gardeners. We have a very diverse membership …. you never know what you may learn.

Robin Beaton, Membership

My garden is an invitation to be creative, nurturing, and energetic with rewards of beauty, fragrance, and nourishment. I love walking out into the garden without a to-do list and find a task that calls to me. Many of my plants come from Quadra gardens shared at plant sales. I have learned so much from other garden club members who with extensive knowledge about plants and gardening, generously share their experience and expertise. The annual spring plant sale is a great way to share plants and talk about gardening with our fellow islanders.

Jennifer Banks-Doll, Web Mistress & Communications

I moved to Quadra in the summer of 2017 with my husband Marc and twin daughters Charlotte and Gabrielle. The first event we attended was a pruning workshop put on by the Garden Club. We joined that day and have been heavily involved ever since, making many friends, having a ton of fun, and learning lots a long the way! We are inspired by permaculture and are learning to garden, and live, in a regenerative way. I have started many small urban gardens, and gardened in many other people’s gardens. But now, here on Quadra, we finally have a garden that we built from scratch and will garden in for many years to come. At last I will get that feedback loop I so need to advance beyond beginner gardener!

Allan Mandell, Slideshow WIz & all-round Team Player

From a career as a professional garden photographer, first based in Portland, OR and then in Victoria, my wife and I found our dream-come-true on Quadra. The first thing I joined was the Garden Club – my kind of people ! Besides our woodsy garden at home we also have a sunny plot in the Community Garden. I’m stoked on growing veggies, gleaning helpful tips from fellow Garden Club members along the way. Island life is balanced with seasonal tours I lead to my favorite gardens in Kyoto, Japan.

A BIG Thank you to all of our other volunteers

John Barclay, Technical Assistance

Jeff and Nicky Ballingall, Back-up Technical Assistance

Connie Oldroyd, Robin Beaton, Jeanne Stoppard & Karen Dunn, Plant Sale Organizers

Patricia Reid, Volunteer Coordinator

Jocelyne Bourque, Communications

and everyone who helps out at our many meetings and events!

Happy Gardening!