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by Jocelyne Bourque

Phacelia (Phacelia tanacetifolia) is a great bee magnet, a sweet looking blue flower, and a useful cover crop.

I let mine go to seed last year and a bunch of it grew on its own this Spring (see photo above).

Phacelia may be more suited to a wildish corner of your garden or as a large area cover crop rather than in a formal part of a garden.

Dedicated space to Phacelia will ensure food for our much needed bees and a delightful sight.

Here are two links that provide information and seeds, and a short video. Yesterday I saw some seeds at our local Timber Mart.  They’re waiting for you!

West Coast Seeds

Salt Spring Seeds


  1. Lucretia Schanfarber

    Such a great reminder how wonderful this flower is. Thank you Jocelyne.

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