Use Grass Not Bleach

By Karen Dunn.

A Karen’s Corner Blogette.

I might become known as the crazy lady on Endersby who throws her clean laundry on the grass…but I’m posting this anyway.

I was reading a series of books that were centred in Ireland. The old housekeeper would put all the white laundry out on the grass for bleaching in the late spring sunshine. So I thought what the heck? I’ll try it!

I put the worst of my worst out there to try and I’m impressed!

The chlorophyll from the grass draws stains out of whites.

I swear it also takes out the off odours that sometimes accumulate on kitchen towels.

But Kinky Kincade, the old housekeeper, advises that this only works in the spring sun…not middle of summer. Otherwise you may set that stain even more!

Karen Dunn gardens on Quadra Island all year long and loves to share her tips and tricks for making your garden awesome!

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