Aquifers and Aquitards, Long Rains and Long Droughts: Quadra Island’s Water Cycle is … Complicated. Implications for Gardeners With Bernie Amell and Eileen Mackay from the ICAN Water Security Team

October 3, 2022 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Quadra Island Community Centre
970 West Rd
FREE for Members. $3 for guests.
Quadra Island Garden Club


Quadra Climate: Normal and Extremes

The Sunshine Coast and Discovery Islands region exhibits extreme seasonality of precipitation, with the least coming when it is most needed for gardening.  Of course, there is an upside to this due to long sunshine hours supporting plant growth during the height of the growing season.  It appears that this seasonality will be getting more extreme as the global climate changes.  What limitations does this pose for gardeners? What can we do to adapt?  


Aquifers and Aquitards on Quadra Island

What do we know and not know about groundwater aquifers on Quadra?  What additional information would be useful in the case of either increased irrigation demand or more extended droughts?  The characteristics of the Quadra aquitards are both a limitation and a distinguishing benefit for Quadra Island as compared with other islands.


Hydraulic characteristics of typical south Quadra topsoil and subsoils with emphasis on seasonal water excesses and deficits.  

Technical detail about the dominant topsoil types (Fine Sandy and Silty Loam) presenting issues and opportunities for gardening.


Rainwater Capture and storage 

How to make the most effective use of stored rainwater.


Greywater retention and use 

Potential volumes, plumbing, storage, and use limitations.


Some techniques for water conservation

Hügelkultur beds, keyline swales, organic soil enhancements, xeriscaping or water-wise landscaping, mulching.  An invitation will be extended to the audience to add to this list, and describe techniques that they have tried on Quadra.


PLUS Coffee, Desserts, Show & Tell Table, Plant & Seed Table…all that fun stuff!


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